World Duplicator Thingy?

Okay. I have this idea.

Great for Spacebuild and stuff.


It’s like the Advanced Duplicator. You can Create contraptions. Weld them all together. Freeze Them. Do whatever.

Save them JUST like you would on the ADV Dupe.

Only when you respawn your contraption…

Instead of spawning the contraption at the XYZ Coordinates of your crosshair.

The World Dupe will memorize the XYZ Coordinates of the items in your ADV Duplicator, and spawn them exactly where they were.

===ADV Dupe===
You have a map.
You build a contraption on the LEFT side of the map.
You ADV Dupe it.
You save it with the ADV Dupe.
You Remove the original.
You respawn it.
It can be respawned on the RIGHT side of the map.

Here’s My Idea:
===World Dupe===
You have a map.
You build a contraption on the LEFT side of the map.
You save it with the World Dupe
You remove the original
You respawn the contraption
It will respawn in the EXACT location it was at on the LEFT side of the map.


It’ll be great for Spacebuild. Re-create complete bases in a matter of minutes.

Could also create a pointless constraint. A constraint for use with World, and ADV Dupes.

It works like Smart Constraint.
You select the items you want.
It freezes them.
Then it contrains them with a pointless constraint that does nothing.
It just lets you save them with the adv/world dupe.

Sorry about spelling.
I type too fast for my own good, and I’m too lazy to fix spelling errors right now.

You can do that in the current Advanced Duplicator. There’s a check box in the menu to the bottom.

Check the spawn at original location box on the Adv Dupe…


quoted b4 you can snip :smugspike: