World in Conflict and some other stuff

Made a few again.

I kinda ruined the isolation in this one.

(Don’t have the original of this one, sadface :saddowns:)

And a random in-game edited shot.

i think the isolation in the second turned out very artistic

Kick ass work Joazzz, Art it is.


And do I spot my tracer brushy?

A fucking-mazing! We need more World in Conflict pose down here!

This is truly artistic.

You are one of the best FP editors, in my opinion.

I love the HALO one, it looks amazing.

Nice to see a big thread of pictures, but I don’t know whether you edited these too fast or something but there are lots of faults in most of them.

I’ll critique the pictures in order:

1. Amazing scenebuild but… what the hell am I looking at? The only thing in focus that isn’t completely obscured by effects is that tree and I’m pretty sure my attention isn’t supposed to be drawn directly to the tree. Your effects are okay but your smoke is too white and flat - try burning the bottom edges of it or something. Also, because your effects are so white and blurry and the contrast is as high as it is, all of the smoke is glowing very strongly and it creates this big blurry effect on your image, where the flashes, tracers and the smoke all merge into each other.

2. This one is okay. Much better than the first. The picture is clearer and the effects less dazzlingly bright. Lots of wasted space at the bottom though and the isolation is dodgy.

3. No notable faults here. Pretty much perfect recreation of the camera-angle and scene.

4. Good recreation but, like the first picture, the bloom and the contrast in the all the effects and the lack of shadows in the smoke, and the brightness of the smoke compared to everything else, makes it all look painted on.

The Halo bonus is really superb, the two Half-Life ones are kinda meh. They have some decent spots of editing, but some sketchy ones too.

The last one reminded me of your first encounter with the Flood in Halo 1.

All the pictures are nice man, especially the third.

I must have this! Where may I acquire it?

The HeadCrab one made me Lol.

That mall scenebuild is fan-fucking-tastic.

The world in conflict ones are very, very, very nice, does the game true justice.

Headcrab Narnia is win.

I don’t like the models that you used, but nice posing and everything :).

The pictures look good!

Some cool stuff in here. Fourth pic down is my fav.
Keep up the good work!

Really loved the headcrab one, would be funny if Barney was searching for Lamarr and looked for him in Dr. Kleiners lockers and that happened.

Thanks for all the positive and constructive stuff. Especially thank you, Chesty. About the smoke trail brush, yours didn’t work in GIMP, Fantasticool, so I made my own animated GIMP brush. I used VMan’s b&w smoke reference in it.

Aaah you just took all the WIC pose ideas away :smiley: Good work!