World in Conflict Models

World in Conflict has some good models that can be good for those Modern Warfare Poses. And plus as far as I know it has not been attempted to port from World in Conflict to Garry’s Mod.

And have the Woodland, Desert, and Winter Camoflagues as Seperate Skins. And have the Destroyed Gibs and Parts of the Vehicles as Props and Ragdolls.


More at

i have the game, it is a good idea. they can be ported and headhacked.

Well, they won’t look too good because they will be expanded. Or maybe they would look like the COH pack.

Do you mean textures or the models themselves?

as I said, i have the models. i can port if needed but I dont know how. however, most of the model would have to be remodelled because they are on RTS scale,though.

I’ve tried to get DDOK1994 and Bloocobalt to work on this, but neither of us are sure about the file type for the models. If they do decide to, I can easily send them models.
This is definitely on my list of models for Bloocobalt to port, and I’ll see about him working on these.

Well I have heard some WIC modders talk about files called SDFs, could those be the WIC Model Files?

No those are the files the files are stored in.