World in Conflict style Soldiers 2.0

Wel, after some time Shotup and i decided to work on these again and it looks like the actual thing this time :slight_smile:

Bannon: Parker, do shit for me cuz im a lazy ass!

Srgt.Shotup: Hacking
Zupadupazupadude: Texturing
LT_Commander: Some Original textures
Rusty: Original living National Guard guys gear textures and facemaps
Some game corporation that made resident evil: Vest, cap
Romka: Helmets



Lil update:

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Argghh stupid screens wait ill uplaod them somewhere else…

Download link please :slight_smile:

There is one but alright ill post a new one

Thanks!They are looking good.What about soviet troops (Especially spetsnaz)?

Sure, maybe shotup and can also make some soviet troops.

wow nice job :open_mouth:

Great! I must just do ACU version and I can make comic :smiley:
Models are good, but when will be any russian soldiers?

I can say there are always more US\NATO models than Russians.It’s…strange.

Why reskin these to ACU? You can find some US Army soldiers on my account.

Yes just what I was looking for!

Because this models are something better than the ACU ones (yes, I have this models).

Wha? They got Gear from the 1980s, i dont think reskinning them would make em look like US soldiers are now.

Hmmm… You 're right… But maybe other reskins, like Sahrani Soldiers from ArmA1 (they’re cool)?

OK, now let’s talk about the modalz.
Faceposing was messed up during hacking or compiling. I don’t know how to fix it, ask somebody else.
But the idea and other things are good.

These are awesome, finaly some more shit for the these guys.

But the face posing dousent work, any fix soon maybe? would love one.

Could you perhaps add an extra camouflage skingroup that uses the L4D BDU pattern? I always thought that they had a more worn-out/combat-stained appearance to them.

I tried giving them that look. I also remade the vest and harness textures.

Harness is awesome, great improvement from the last.

The vest looks nice as well, but i notice you did the rest of the body as well. boots included i kinda enjoy the older one because i can use both these and the National guard.


Than again i could just throw this skin in with the others. don’t mind me Derp.

Ooh nice, thanks for giving them that nice texture! Looks really awsome! Can you send me the link? When the next release is coming ill give you credit for it! :slight_smile:

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Ow and will fix that :wink:

good job!

hol shit nice job bro`~!