World in Conflict - US Soldiers

Okay so I ported these from World in Conflict and shit so yeah and stuff.

They got like bodygroups and skingroups and all that shiz:
bodygroup 0, subgroups 1-5 - different body textures (woodland, winter and desert camo)
bodygroup 1, subgroups 1-7 - helmets (all 3 camos too along with medic versions of each and also a helmetless version)
bodygroup 2, subgroups 1-3 - backpacks (no backpack, engineer backpack, medic backpack)
bodygroup 3, subgroups 1-2 - flashlight on webbing on/off
bodygroup 4, subgroups 1-4 - holsters (knife holster, pistol holster, empty pistol holster and blank)
bodygroup 5, subgroups 1-2 - medic armband on/off
they all (except the black guy cause he didn’t have any other skins cause the devs are RACIIIST) also have like 7 face skins

This also has that M136 lawn chair and the radio props included.


(credits to rossmum for this picture)


also don’t ask me for player models or NPC’s cause I won’t make them so go away okay

I love you.


Finally. Some accurate gear.

The textures and normal maps n stuff are beautiful. Shame about the low-polys though. Nothing people can’t smooth out in Photoshop though.


Looks real nice, do they have faceposing?

No, not in this release. I’ll be making a V2 of these later which will probably have citizen heads and maybe some faceposing on the current heads.

I look forward to it, but thank you anyway for these wonderful models.

They’re very good. I wish the last update didn’t completely fuck up my Gmod. Man, I can’t even start it up anymore. I’ve tried everything. sigh Great job.

you’re winner

god damn you got my download

you sir are a saint.

now do those female business suits.

oh shit sorry simkas, found a bug i missed before

the bayonet handle and pommel artefacts, but everything else seems fine

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…aaaaand with that i’ve just found out why. looks like you accidentally rigged a few verts from the bayonet to an arm bone, moving the arm moves the artefact. shouldn’t be a big fix. sorry for not spotting it before.

You’re winner, sir.
Now, what about Soviets?

I found a lot of rigging errors while posing them.


Sir, you awesome.
Waiting for USSR soldier. :v:

You are winner, man!

that radio… where’s it from?

From the same place the soldiers are.

And I could have sworn I fixed that rigging error a while ago. I guess I’ll have to release a hotfix or something.