World mode medkit

I recently started making a few sweps my gamemode and I came to a little problem while making my healing swep. The View model of the swep is just hands holding a medkit, but the world model is a C4. Now i would really appreciate it if somebody can make a World model of this. I am a seriously newbie beginner at 3ds max so i have no clue how to do this. For a temporary model i am using the medkit.mdl from the Source models. Bad thing about it is that its in the center of the body. So, yeah, thanks in advance.

Why not just decompile the world model and replace the C4 with a med kit?

Because i have no clue how to do that

EDIT : Well ok i decompiled, but where is this C$ thing?

I guess he meant “C4” if it’s the “C$” thats confusing you.

OH, well i did that, but the model gets in the center of the body. I wrote that in my comment

I’m no expert at sweps and such, but it probably has something to do with assigning the medkit to the players bone that holds the weapon.

Again i have no clue how to. I’ve seen about the View model, but i have no clue about the World one.

My bad. I did mean C4.

i can do this for you pm me with a link if your interested


Edit: um, you have your account set to Private i think cause i can’t send you Personal Messages. Add me on steam