World Of Guns: Gun Disassembly - Model Ripping?

Now I have been having trouble figuring out how to rip models from the free to play game *World of Guns: Gun Disassembly *and I have had little luck finding the model files. The game appears to be running Unity. I’d assume they might be packed in a encrypted package, and possibly aren’t meant to be extracted because of possible copyright protection, but I’m unsure of this since the models are downloaded individually when you get to use them (which I have just found out that you can use the URL that shows up in the console when you load a gun, it allows you to download the .unity3d file, which I believe is also a proprietary format).

I’ve really wanted to make 3D printed replicas from the model assets as they are all highly detailed and would make excellent hero props. The guns are made of many smaller parts that could be printed individually and assembled similarly to the actual thing. I’ve had an AKS-74U in mind for a while now since I want to build a Soviet tank crewman uniform and kit.

If someone could figure out how to get these models extracted into a usable format, it would be a godsend.

So far ripper programs have not worked. I guess the format is unique to the game, which would mean your best bet is to ask somewhere like xentax about opening those files, they already tried before.

Remember that on one occasion did a review intro games Files, however I could not find any models of weapons Only can find backgrounds, description and Weapons Icons

The weapon models are not included in the game, they only appear when you download them.

Check Unity player cache folder for packages. You can also download all unlocked models. I wanted to suggest Disunity, but I don’t know how it handles unity 5 meshes ( I have some problems with unity 4 meshes, but I still use old disunity, because I use old Java).

If you’re really desperate for it, get a version that’s cracked. After spending nearly 2 years to no avail for ripping from Verdun, that was the last option I had which I went ahead and did and it worked flawlessly after that.

You can actually get the meshes by using ripping software, I’ve done it, but the individual parts all come out piled on top of each other and you have to manually put them back together, which is pretty annoying.

This is the only case where 3dripper might be better, although direct extraction might be your best bet.

Along with swampdog, I’ve tried ninjaripper with it’s barbaric methods and only got half ripped meshes. Trying to recreate the weapon at all is torture.

Ninjaripper is nothing compared to the brutality of 3dripper. Atleast ninjaripper gets you every moving model part moved to the origin, while 3d gets you distorted meshes.

I can see that for guns with insane internal complexity, but the average gun model from this game should not be that hard to assemble.
I mean the game itself is a guide on how to assemble these things.

yep. i tested the game. the disunity doesn’t wanna do it. nice mechanics tho. all the parts. if you ninja those you might get alot of those of these fine mech meshes. :smile:

that are meants to be there and/but you gotta remove them from the rips in post. that means… for ‘outside’ models. i haven’t tried to ninja anything. maybe i’ll try tomorrow. i’d do some of those tho. some reference. i’d need a 100% savegame tho. for the heck. not cash. :v:

So I ended up buying a $9.99 pack of Soviet guns to get the AKS-74U sooner. I’ve been vigorously studying the models and I’ve put a list of the .unity3d URLs of the guns I have acquired in a pastebin. Pasting these links into your browser will allow you to download them directly.

After looking at the models in the game for a while, I’ve noticed that they are not very high-poly or have no surface detail in geometry (e.g using bump-maps for textures of grips). If there is a way to transfer the effect of the bump-maps onto the geometry, increasing the detail, that would be wonderful.

I have not been able to extract the models from the .unity3d files yet and I am unsure of what extractor/ripping software I should use and how I should do it.

Try Unity Studio, it works for Verdun so you might have a shot with it

I’m sorry but the site seems broken for me, it will not download the .zip. I found the github page, but it is only the uncompiled source code. Do you have a mirror download?!vVVjnbKA!NOZXZvSQHz3YPvLYtIjTHGAia32T2mibg_5fwDPcio4

I have tried Unity Studio, however it could not extract anything from the .unity3d files. Possibly encrypted/protected or dummy files?

I tried the Unity Player cache in AppData and found files, potentially the model files but they are disguised as ‘files’ and have randomised names.

However none are recognised by Unity Studio…

The directory of the game itself functions better, however none of the assets we are looking for are in here.

Cache asset files have UnityFS header which is not supported by Unity Studio. Disunity have a prototype support for that but you need to compile it.

I have a “Full Access” account over at Steam which means I can access all 100+ guns.

If you guys can find a way to rip them I will personally rip every one of them and upload it for you guys to enjoy :slight_smile:

Same here, also not sure if this helps, but if you have a full license I believe you can use it to download all the guns in the offline non-steam version of the game too, but I haven’t tried it.

I tried using this application to track any files the application is trying to access and write during the gun download

I reached the same directory as GM_Tecnicast above. The log file suggest that the _data file may be what we need to crack open

@swampdog Really? I didn’t know that, can you explain how?