World of guns model

Makarov PM , standard Soviet service pistol from 1951-1991. Still in widespread service with police forces in Russia.
The model can be totally dissasembled as shown in the pic.
Some small parts are not textured - I added materials for them.

If you’re able to get the World Of Guns models, is there any chance you could try and get the AR-18? There’s no models of it anywhere else, it’d be useful to have one.

These models has to be assembled after extracting.
The more parts - the more hours it takes. - The AR-18 has got 146 parts…

I could rip it for you, but you would have to assemble it yourself Kali.

I’d be happy to do that, I don’t mind a good puzzle :v:

Allright mate - I will pm you a DL link when I`ve got it.

Have fun with it:buddy:

You can try to contact the modeller of this one, just in case

To be honest, i tried to rip it, never got to porting though, wanted to ask the guy myself

Walther P-38 from World of Guns.

Problem with exporting to .obj from Blender caused some materials to be covered with textures. Shouldnt be a problem as you can just delete the connection to the wrong textures and the material will show up fine.

MG 34,42 Please :slight_smile:

Looks like it’s time to 3d print a funtionally complete Makarov B)

I would like to do it too, but it has 186 parts… when ripping there will more likely be twice that number, cause many parts are divided up more than in the game itself. It will take hours and hours of fiddling with the parts.

Wow ! Maybe DX3DRipper work ?

Have you considered the Patriot, the protector palm pistol or the Dreyse?

I’ll untangle it if someone could do the H&K G3?

I guess that was a joke. -The weapons of WOG are purpose made to be non funtional and would have to be reworked to a standard and tolerances that probably makes it easier to start from scratch.
For a replica non-firing model they would do quite well me thinks.

Have not tested.

I really dont have time to do requests… Doing primarily models that interest me.

See above answer, but HK G3 would be of interest to me so I might do it if time allows.

What are you working on then?

WW2 weapons mostly, but also some modern ones if they are appealing in some way.

Not working on anything atm - Just finished the P-38 so just chillin.

Thanks, SchnelleMeyer. I’m brewing up some coffee and pulling out a chair here.

nice job

I believe you forgot to mirror the model back to the correct orientation. The ejection port is on the other side. It’s a left handed Makarov now.[/t][t]мм_пистолет_Макарова_с_патронами.jpg

Yes, my friend - You are right! - They come out reversed on the X-axis and I forgot to reverse the PM!