World Of Tanks: Japanese Armor + Bonus

I figured i’d release these, as i’ve got nothing left to add to them.

**World Of Tanks: Japanese Armor
The Ha-Go, Chi-Ha, ShinHoTo Chi-Ha, Chi-Nu, Chi-Nu-Kai, and the STB-1 from World Of Tanks. Fully ragdolled with camo skins, bodygroups for hatches and guns. Also includes wrecked versions of every tank.[/t][t][/t]


Steam Workshop

CREDITS: - Original models and textures.
**Gazyi **- Camouflage textures
Trek - Extracting the models
Kali - Adding bodygroups, rigging, etc.
McTbone - Testing

BONUS: Crysis 2 Armored Car & Ammo Truck

The Armored Car and Ammo Truck from Crysis 2. Fully ragdolled and with bodygroups, the Armored Car has both USMC and C.E.L.L. skins.



Steam Workshop


Crytek - Original models and textures.
Kali - Porting, adding bodygroups, rigging, etc.


Amazing work! Loving the bonus as well! :dance:

Oh mang, these are juicy

I enjoyed testing them, already made a few pictures with the Chi-Nu-Kai[/t]

Your First WOT release mate. Very nice work!

There really is not a lot of Japanese WWII gear out on Gmod, not even BF1942, so this is a first. I Salute you!

Very sexy indeed

Nice release! Great birthday present thing aswell since I’m turning 17 today.

Just one question, would you happen to have some links to the Crysis USMC and Cell guys?

Cell guys


Awesome release, yo!

Thanks man. Although the Cell dudes dont seem to have a DL?

Great release as always Floater!


Can’t download from Gamefront, I think its cause its blocked or something in Sweden. Either way, PM me about it or something so we dont get too much off topic.

It’s not blocked in Sweden, i uploaded that pack :v:


Very excellent looking vehicles!

Another solid release all around, great work.

I love your attention to detail when it comes to vehicles. Especially the ruined husks.
It just adds so much.