World Of Tomorrow :: UK Full PvP :: Oxide1.9 :: SleepersOn :: Instacraft ::

Welcome to the World Of Tomorrow!!

New UK Based PvP Server, with Oxide 1.12support.

I’ve being playing Rust for awhile now, I’ve recently purchased this server to add the ideal modification’s, that I think make this great game even better and slightly easier to use for you beginner’s out there.

At the moment the rule sets are this: you make your own rules. from my play though of Rust, I find this is the way the game is intended to be played and this is the freedom granted by the game, so I’m not restricting any of it.You wanna kill that guy that just started out with the rock and be a dick that’s completely fine…
the only thing I will act upon is exploits,hackers and excessive ‘griefing’ of other players if I feel it’s necessary.

Full List of feature’s

Sleeper’s On -* Build a secure base or log out somewhere that’s secret, as you will be more vulnerable offline then on.*
No Admin Abuse - Admin abuser’s are no better then hacker’s or exploiter’s. why buy the game if your gonna take the real challenge out of it completely. It’s pointless. so I believe strictly in fair play. I will be participating and playing the game myself and will be ‘just’ a player inless a Admin is called for.
Crafting Time Reduced by 70% - *who’s really wants to stand around and wait while playing a game? *
Groups - Wanna communicate without having to worry about broadcasting your plans though out the server? create or join a group today /ghelp for more information.
Door Sharing - Build and Construct a base with your friends, now only needing ‘the’ one door! so you can build that fortress you’ve always wanted to.
Teleportation Requests - *When you begin the game it can be a drag trying to find your friends, I completely understand that you could spend hours finding them. This resolve’s this matter by simplying typing /tpa “name of friend” to quickly request teleportation so you and your chum can start the ‘real’ game sooner (PS: limited to 3 requests a day)
*Admin Help Channel - *having any issue’s? need some tips on how to build? Placed that Pillar in the wrong place? have something to report? the admin channel is available type /adminhelp in chat, if I’m on, I’ll be sure to help.
*Currency - Add’s a currency to the game.
Shops - A shop, located on the road to trade in goods for something useful.

to gain access to my new shiny server, at the main menu press F1 then in the console type in: net.connect