World of Warcraft models

I read a few threads on this forum on how to extract a model from World of Warcraft via the World of Warcraft model viewer.

If anyone has managed to get them into G-Mod, I guess they aren’t willing to share for some reason; probably related to copyright.

I’m willing to experiment myself. I know I need the WoW model viewer for the first part, but the second part I need something that turns the .obj into something for the Source Engine to use.

Actually, it’s because there’s not enough interest and most of the models look like crap outside of WoW’s engine (barring the newer stuff).

I did port some stuff but I lost them all somewhere in my mess of a computer.

Well would you tell me how you did it?

If I can’t port it without errors I’ll post the details.

Get an M2 importer for Max or whatever modelling software you use, then use WoW Model Viewer or another program that can extract files from MPQ archives and extract the model you want, then import the model into Max.

Hmm, what about Softimage?

That is the tool as posted on the Valve Developer wiki.

Don’t think there’s a converter for XSI. I’ve never used XSI though so I’m not entirely sure.