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Recently I’ve been requested to port some World of Warcraft models and textures to the source engine. However I took it a bit further and created detail sprites, skyboxs and particle systems to get maximum authenticity. The reason I’m making this thread is that I wish to share it with anyone who needs it, and that if anyone needs more content, they are welcome to ask here.

Once upon a time I did attempt to do this but it didn’t end up so well. (I had less of an idea what to do anyway)
Old thread:

So back to current times, I have completed a large majority of the Western plague-lands content, but not all of it. A link to download this content can be found here.
This particular archive contains:

Detail sprites - made from original textures
A skybox - Custom made
8 base brush textures (rock, grass, road and all of that stuff)
13 blend textures with tooltextures
A fire particle system using the original fire texture - custom made, could probably be made better
2 working music files “Cursed land”
2 ambient soundtracks, plaguelands day / night
1 soundscape script for zone ambient sounds
16 models - Trees, lamps, stumps, bushes, buildings, signs, torches, crates and a hearse.
1 animated water texture - (this is really just a testing thing, it looks good from a distance… but because of the way this was made there is obvious seams up close, and will not work with the source water shader)

If you do require any models or textures and whatnot, please be patient as the process takes quite a while to complete. If anyone does decide to use this stuff, credit would be nice :wink:

Good luck, and don’t sue.


Hey bro great style you “moc(k)ed” the WoW style very well. Where did you get the tree models from?

The trees are from the wow data files?

of all the places to remake, you chose eastern plaguelands, one of the ugliest zones in the game :v:

It was requested, why what would you do?

I think it looks neat.

Fucking Loch Modan, unarguably the most beautiful place in Eastern Kingdoms.

How about Gilneas and Orgrimmar? Both places have pretty neat atmosphere.

Im working with Wotlk stuff right now, if people actually want to make a level with the content i’d be happy to port it.

Personally my favorite zone is grizzly hills

Stay away from Uldum

Guys obviously the best area in WoW is [del]Goldshire[/del] Whoreshire


Why hasn’t anyone uploaded ragdolls from WoW yet?

because they are a bitch to rig for source

I’ve just completed porting the gnomeregan instance model, the entire instance is there, but with no lighting, animated models and collision model. So yeah if you need it, it’s there you just need to make a “collision model” out of clipping brushes or something. This was originally made for someone who was making a source filmmaker thinggy. If do you require any extra models, like animated robots and lights and so on, let me know.

Download here - vmf included!!wowpack/show/gnomeregan.jpg


This is made up of 4 different models, too many polygons as a whole.

looks like a bitch to block out the collisions. props to anyone who’s willing to pour a shitload of time on this.

I’m working on adding karazhan to hammer right now and was wondering if you used wow model viewer to get your stuff, i’m using a dev version of it because the release versions crash whenever i try to import stuff from big dungeons but sometimes when i do that the textures muddle themselves up and are placed in places where they shouldn’t be, from your screenshots of gnomeregan everything looks perfect

I’ve already partly done karazhan, what are you exporting it as?

wavefront .obj

Hmm are you doingkarazhan_instance or all the seperate chunks?

chunks, all of the 70 pieces.
even the dev version of wmo crashes when i try to open the entire thing up

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after setting the compatibility of the dev version to windows 7 it suddenly let me take the entire thing