World of warcraft The Lich King

Can somebody that own wow or that can model, are willing to Make/port the Lich King From World of warcaft.


Should be portable, I’ve seen some other WoW stuff ported earlier

okay i hope somebody will do it

do want this

aye same

anyone please?

Just the Lich King or do you want his sword too? Because I want the sword too.

Awesome project

well i mosly only want the lich king himself but the Sword would be awesome too

i really want the sword and lich king too

The Lich King and Frostmourne are destined to be within this realm. Also, Frostmourne bears many characteristics with the Soul Reaver, another soul-stealing sword. Similar in likeness, similar in function, similar in awesomeness.


anyway best way to get good shot’s is to look at this

If it would have sword, make sword a seperate model

God I wish someone would do one of the big Dragons from wow…

those proto dragon’s or frost wyrm’s?

Either or both, or Onyxia or Neferian, any of the big world or instance dragons.
Oh oh oh that HUGE one from Litch King in DragonsBlight where you get the quest from would be awesome.
Alexstrasza the Life-Binder (Queen of the Dragons)

I don’t even care the fact that their low poly
Gmod needs more Dragons.



we totally need dragon’s :stuck_out_tongue:

sure but i just need the lich king :wink: