World prop disable!

I was wondering how you make a script that will disable world props from spawning.

Here’s the answer.

I don’t see how this is funny, I highly doubt Velocity put any effort into researching to find a solution before he makes a thread for any issue he has. Google is useful, and you should learn how to use it.

Ignoring that asshole, Here is a thread you should look at:

You misewell just post the script found on that page:

hook.Add("InitPostEntity", "DeleteShiz", function()
    for k,v in pairs(ents.GetAll()) do
        if string.find(v:GetClass(), "prop") then

Kind of uncalled for to call you an asshole, Sorry.

No problem, but I just get sick of kids posting here first.

There’s so many search engines on the internet with solutions. Like, that link you posted was the fourth result on google from the link I posted, but I guess it’s their choice if they don’t want to learn how to find solutions by themselves.

You stole it from my addon you skid. :v:

He actually just pasted what this guy said:

He stole it long before I coded it first.

You can’t really steal a script that ents.GetAll, checks class, and then removes. Get over yourself.