World size, and world limitations

I have been watching this forum for a bit, and about this game, but still know very little. I’ve yet to get round to playing it, and I wanted to know what limitations the engine imposes when it comes to world size.

How big is the world we can play/build in, and is it randomly generated?

It’s not randomly generated at all. I’d hate if it was, not able to have any landmarks saved if they were to restart.
Here’s a map for it, once you leave the first square to the right you’re less likely to encounter players as there are no spawns points there.

What happens if I go out of marked area?

High radiation, that results in death

I played some yesterday and I’m wondering if the animals spawn in certain zones or if their location is random?

Wow, first time seeing the map -thanks.

I think that they only spawn in certain areas, but I am not sure. Food seems to be one of the rarest things to find for me.

Seems like zone because I found a good “hunting ground” where i can always find boars and chickens. Same with deer they tend to congregate in forests

It would be nice for a materials map, so I can make a house close to wood pile spawns, instead of taping down my mouse, just to get killed at 200 wood.

Also, does anyone know how to avoid the wall glitchers?

LeDuckling vs glitchers wall make ur wall windowed wall and put door, them no1 enter and no1 shot u on window :]

It’s 8 by 8 km, or 64 km sq-- at least, that’s what Pat said a few days ago.

My house was in a zone with tons of Wood Stacks/piles respawning and all sorts of animals, too bad I got le hatchet.