World Vector Tools

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If you are downloading from GitHub, please download from “Releases”! Current version is Vanilla Cream (1.2)

Hello and welcome to World Vector Tools! This addon uses vectors to create spawnpoints, entity spawners, etc, in the MIDDLE of your game! Spawnpoints are not per-session, but per-world. Don’t worry about deleting any files, they are deleted when spawnpoints are cleared. They are located in “garrysmod/data” and aren’t hard to miss.

SSP = Simple Spawn Point
SS = Simple Spawner

NEW Use a toolgun as a substitute for ssp_add/clear!
Category: World Vector Tools
Primary to Add, Reload to Clear

Command List
ssp_add (Uses current location)


ssp_set_type <stype> (Use “help ssp_set_type” for more info on this. Applies a spawn effect [shoot forwards, shoot up] )

ss_add <entity> <interval> (If you don’t know what to put for entity, use “help ss_add”)



Q: Are restarts required?
A: Never!

Q: Can I delete the text files in the data foder if I uninstall this mod?
A: Of course you can!

Q: If you set a spawn out of bounds, will they spawn there?
A: Unfortunately, yes. But only superadmins can use these commands anyway so it really it doesn’t matter.

Q: pls halp I did “ss_add bonnie 2” but errors? what did I do wrong??!?!? uhhoyminyiorfjgirfsdi

Q: Ping
A: Pong

Q: I have a suggestion!
A: Comment on either thread or PR github

Well, response here can only be described as underwhelming.
Sorry for the bump, but lol.

TY solid_jake

So this is only for NPC’s and not player spawns (Based on teams)?

Personally I’m hoping for you to flesh it out and make a toolgun. Console commands are annoying to deal with but I have faith you’ll figure this out. It’s already a useful tool

It customizes the spawns of players, and in a seperate command, creates NPC spawners.

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Not sure how the toolgun would handle entity types.
TY tho

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I created a toolgun draft on GitHub.
It’s currently untested but I’m sure it will work. I’m testing it now.

Category: World Vector Tools
Fire: Creates Spawn
Reload: Clears Spawns

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It works! Editing the OP

See, I knew you’d be fine

TY again!