World War 1.5 - A badass German soldier ready to defend his Fatherland on his own

That crazy and fanatical war animal is waiting for the next wave.

It’s highly satirical by the way, hopefully you’re getting it.

Using uppix for me is like using a russian image hoster that nobody knows about.

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Cant wait to get home and make a good one.

The eyes of a man who has seen too much.

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That was the idea. Mid thousand-miles stare mid badass dude against the world.

He looks like Cap from All Quiet on the Western Front.

The spiked helmet is completely out of place, there never was a spiked Stahlhelm.

And I don’t see why this has to be Nazi Germany, Imperial Germany would fit much more appropriately.

Shut up.

Oh no an inaccuracy in a fucking gmod screenshot! Who cares?

Pretty pretty.

I have to admit the Nazi flag kinda breaks the mood for me. It just doesn’t fit your backstory.
Would have worked vastly better.

It breaks the immersion.

Makes it look like satire, to be honest.


I mean, I’m not the last one in terms of historical accuracy… but this one (like my last picture) is not supposed to be accurate. Just look at the composition and you’ll see that it is not my usual “neutral” point of view. I tried to mix both WWI and WWII by taking things here and there to make something new and timeless. This is the reason why I chose “World War 1.5” as a title.

I guess the satire comes from the contrast between nazi symbolism, pride and fanatism put in a totally worn-out environment made of non-sensical border defenses, crushed symbols and ravaged land. There’s nothing to defend and that guy is gonna get crushed by the next allied mechs wave anyway.

I wasn’t so much criticizing the historical accuracy (I’m aware it’s fictitious, and that it doesn’t necessarily apply) so much as pointing out a poor style choice.


To be honest I get what you’re talking about. The issue is, that the nazi flag is perhaps the most recogniseable symbol of ww2. You see it and you think third reich. In that sense it looks like a ww2 with odd gear.

Perhaps some sort of mixing the nazi flag with the imperial one would work. As it is I personally don’t see it as a ww1.5. The flag makes it too hard.

best beard edit ever.

The swastika is supposed to represent the fascist fanatical-ism of nationalism. He’s fighting for nothing, the land he once knew has been ravaged by war and he’s hopeless as one man but he’s blinded by his fanatic belief and the best way to describe that quickly is just through a swastika. He could of used another equally fanatical flag i.e a Imperial Japanese or even a Prussian/other German flags but people would not be very aware of that relation unless they dwell into history well, something known in the art world as ‘too deep’. Using older German flags which would bring up debates about whether certain governments/states/nations inside Germany were that fanatical, so the best way to describe it was to be almost universal and represent it through something we all know today as something definable evil and radical to us who are aware of the history as a big group rather than a selective few.

Though the best way would of been to remove the swastika and add your own type of fascistic symbol in place of it.

wow that beard.