World War 1.5 - U.S. shock troopers capture a German trench


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Wowie that looks great!, reminds me sorta of Call Of Duty 2, Also are you guys planning on releasing those models perhaps?

I can almost feel the agony of the soldiers.

Those are some sexy models.

Pretty nice looking scenebuild.

Those trench stuff. I love them. Amazing build you have there

more dods please.

In every one of your threads, I’ve always said “more dods please.”

You’re the best at it.

This is great and I love you.

What map did you use?

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This is great and I love you.

What map did you use?

Stop being so great for fuck’s sake :v:

Seeing a lot of screenshots with WWI models with gas masks on them, where are those models from?

My ass.

Gasmasks can be found from, just put in search gasmask or something like that. Those ww1 soldiers? I guess they are private or waiting for release.

wow I don’t know really what to say… just AWESOME

They are just those Vietnam era soldiers. He’s just really good at editing.

It looks great.
The only thing bothering me are the rifles, the magazines look too long.
If they were abit shorter, it would look much better.

the atmospheric perspective is great

Have to say, the IG tank fits in pretty well. Only problem is the blood|intestines whatever on the one soldier. Looks kinda like a turd.

Oh and you wouldn’t mind giving us the original pic?

Well, you are what you eat… maybe he ate turds?

Very nice! What is the name of that map?