World War 2 Gamemode

This is my first gamemode I’m going to make. It’s about World War 2 and killing the other team.
Basically, what you do is: kill the other team to get money so you can get a better gun from the buy menu.
I have very little lua experience so it might be kinda suckish but I’m going to keep improving it.
It doesn’t have an official name and here’s more of what is going to be included in my gamemode:

  • A buy menu where you can buy WW2 DoD Weapons(can be found here
  • An inventory that will carry your weapons and ammo(limited space tho).
  • Difficulty system which will make player able to choose the difficulty of the round(Easy[Recruit], player hp = 100, etc)
  • Bleed system, each shot you get creates a chance of you starting to bleed which will cause blurry vision, slow dmg over time(I might make it so you also slow run and walk…mabee).

Comment about ideas, suggestions, hate thoughts about me how you have to read a big wall of text, etc.

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Great another “You do the work, I’m the idea man” conceptual thread. I wish the mods would do something about this bullshit.

DoD:S is better in my opinion, and most people have this already anyhow.

What do you mean? I’m just posting about the gamemode I’m making. I don’t expect to receive ideas though it will be nice if you give me one…or at least make comments related to the gamemode. :downs:

Do you at least know where to start? Most projects go down because they don’t have a clear planned out execution.

Yea, I’m already codding it and I’m mapping a Stalingrad map. It looks like not many people like my idea…

Because we can just play Red Orchestra (even though it’s not Source) or Day of Defeat.

Woah, teach me how to codd please!

You should add jews into it too, so we can round them into to jalopy and drop them off in gm_auschwitz


Some one posting in the Gamemodes section that MIGHT know what hes doing!

Come on guys! Lets savour this moment!

What most people don’t realize is that many games start with an concept or idea guy. You don’t think Gabe Newell coded Half-Life 2 do you? No! He’s just president of Valve. He gets people to code it for him. So what’s wrong with asking for help with a gamemode? If people want to volunteer to code for him, then that’s fine. I’m not sure what the big fuss with “idea guys” is about.

This guy isn’t the president of Valve.

It was an example. Goodness.

Gabe can get people to make it for him because he pays them. Most “idea guys” don’t pay their team.

So what’s wrong with volunteers? Did you read my post or just the first sentence?

Nobody likes the idea guy because they’re usually manipulative when not paying anyone. They take the most credit for doing nothing. Even if they have the most incredible, mind-blowing idea, they should still be doing something.

You are making a generalization.