World War 2 machinima.

I wanted to make a World War 2 machinima on Garrys Mod, but don’t own Day of Defeat so therefore don’t have any models.

I have looked on and can’t seem to find any without DoD stuff needed.

So should I just download DoD or search around abit.


Buy DoD.

Not only do you get models, it’s a fun game too.

Its like CS:S, only with all the fun, and no children!
Plus everything is balanced…depending on the situation.

(also it comes with some awesome maps for single and multiplayer.)

Sounds cool, how much is it?



Which on Steam is $10 IIRC

I might get it then, but i’ll post some model requests in that section first.

If no world war 2 stuff comes, I’ll buy it :slight_smile: