World War II: Last Stand

Here is my first pose in Garry’s Mod with Day of Defeat props and ragdolls. (I’m new here so plz be nice :D)

The posing is very bad, you have to tuck the butts in. Never spam in-game blood, and don’t use in-game effects (If they are vanilla). Also never use SDoF.


Don’t forget to fingerpose!

Ok thanks for the comment. I am new, so I have much to learn :P.

Thank God you realize this, I’m tired of having mouthy little kids coming in here with their bad attitude bashing everyone that doesn’t like their shitty work.

With your attitude, and a lot of improvement you will come far my friend :buddy:

But how I get blood in my pose if in-game blood is not allowed? With photoshop or something?

Yes. But before you start editing, you should focus more on your posing. Posing always comes before editing, remember that.

Got to agree, though, some people end up editing the shit out of their pose, I envy them so much.
For the pose, all I have to say it’s quite good for someone who’s learning, practice much and you shall get good in no time.

In-game blood is not taboo, imo (either that or I refuse to “stop” using it in spite of everyone elses opinion :v: ). You just need to download a decent enough blood mod first. Search through for all your skinning and posing needs!

Posing wise, it’s “alright” as far as newbies go. It’s nothing spectacular but not horrifyingly terrible either. Tuck in their asses and work on some more natural poses and you should be able to get it down with enough practice.

Don’t use in-game blood and SDoF. Make sure you stick the butts in so they don’t look the have back cramps.

use super DoF and try to get a better angle

First of, are you greek ? Secontly, i like the effort on the b.a.r as i really get my hands dirty just to pose someone holding a sloppy ww2 gun, without a grip.

he can use super DoF
he shouldn’t use easy DoF

Uh, it’s called Simple DoF. Thus my “SDoF”. He knows what I mean, because it’s what he used, and he shouldn’t use it again.

Also, remember physics, you only fly 4 feet in the air if you get shot by a 50 cal…

Anyways, “Okay” for a beginner pose.

Look up some photoshop tutorials, and if you don’t have the money go ahead and download GIMP for free. Chesty and V-man have good tutorials in the stickied thread.