World War II machine guns

This is for my friend requests, he wants world war II machine guns ,please

Tell him to buy Day of Defeat: Source and get a DoD weapon pack

There, Russian DP-28, German MG42, American Browning M1919 and Brit Bren in those packs.

I mean to Maxine as machine guns

What’s “maxine as machine guns”?

Maxim? Doesn’t exist and no one is going to model it from scratch.

Erm, aren’t several models made from scratch?

Well mr nitpick, all models are made from scratch at some point of time.
But most models used in gmod are ported from other games, mainly because it’s a fuckton easier and also because of the small amount of people hanging out on the boards who are actually competent modelers. There’s even a lesser amount of people who take requests and only if it interest themselves.

I should have probably added “model it from the scratch for you and for free”.

Point taken.

BTW, why do I see you trying to shoot down requests so much?

Telling someone who requests “five zilion models exclusively made for them from scratch” (covered with abnormal amounts of shitty grammar), that the probability of anyone accepting that request is close to a zero isn’t shooting down anything. It’s a reality check and maybe they’ll understand how ridiculously stupid their request is.

Exactly, he’s basically saying “I WONT U 2 MODDUL THIS 4 ME 4 FREE AND I WONT IT SUPER AWSUM AND DTAILD”

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You don’t even know what the hell you want modeled? How the hell are we supposed to help when there’s a bunch of things that could possibly be what you want?

Especially when his 5 only posts were made on fucking request threads. AND his name is call of duty.

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Looks like OP is not responding.

And what the fuck. I give him some links, and hes too tightass to say “Thanks but im looking for a different machine gun”. What a douche.

His mommy obviously didnt teach him about manners.

He’s obviously still too young to have learned manners yet. I’m sure the only reason we can even read what he’s typing is because he has spell checker.