World War II Panzer IV and Sherman

Since I noticed there isn’t much any World War II stuff on neither facepunch. I decided to release these Tanks.

These were ported from BF1942 so I take no credit for it. These can be useful for Machinimas, roleplay, mapping, posing etc.

It has a nice Collision Model and added a Spawn List.

Took me like half an hour just to get the textures xD. It was not easy trying to get the scaling right.

Download Link:

Hope you like it. :slight_smile:

There’s plenty of WW2 addons for GMod, you’ve released two tanks, now that’s ok for a first release or whatever but, so many tanks have been ported from games such as Forgotten Hope 2, Call of Dutys and others and they are a lot better then this.

The sherman looks shittier than I can remember.

Oh God the nostalgia. . . Like Zupa said, I remember them looking a little bit better, but that’s probably because of 1942’s shaders and what not.

The Sherman is from Secret Weapons of WWII Expansion.

Still, well done for your first release but, they both are low quality models, but keep at it.

Alexiaa, I kinda wanted to get into what you’re done now, since you’re kinda new at it, maybe we could both learn together sort of? Kind of like a team. You teach me what you kind of know so far, and then we expand on that. I’m just in need of a teacher.

I bet these are the lods, if I remember correctly the BF1942 models weren’t that ugly.

these aren’t showing up in my spawn lists or my browse list. What am I doing wrong?

Did you port the last LOD? I don’t remember BF1942 models being this awful.

I bet if it was a male you wouldn’t ask for ‘teaching’, whatever though.

Good thing you ported it and all, i mean good job, but theres no need for more tank models, theres plenty, BtZ ported shittons of them. It could be cool if you’d port some stuff that we really dont have, like vintage vehicles from Mafia II, etc.

Actually, I’ve asked a ton of other people, genius. You also bumped an old thread, look at the dates.