World wide war gamemode on gm_worlwide map.

Wondering about a large war between different teams and countries that you could join when going into the server and type of person you will be when you join.

And certain limits, weapons, and money needed to get certain stuff.
Diplomacies between teams, countries.

different ways to attack other countries like air, sea and land, and actual purposes set for your person as in scientist, soldier, person in charge of ship, etc.

actions like standing, kneling, and prone, sliding down side of buildings with rope.

rankings on based on the person you select to be.

does anything think this is possible ? A word wide war ORPG

I think that if this was to be created it would become a great gamemode.

:350: gm_worldwide is small :frowning:

well then whats the biggest map on garrys mod, i was thinking gm_worldwide because it shows the countries.

It’s not small if you use it with Colossal Sandbox. That project’s probably dead, but I bet anyone could make a new version that works with prop sizing too.

Hmm… so basically what you’re thinking is something like… Gmod Risk/Civilization/Superpower

… cool. :slight_smile:

EPIC IDEA : Resize the player/NPC’s to be smaller,so the map SEEMS like it is bigger,without affecting FPS for those with crap comps…

Or zoom it out and do a third person,with a size similar to a infantry unit in Sassilization…

I can guarantee myself this will not be easy,but a coding genius can get it done.

Actually, if you did go with the Risk idea you could keep the map as it is. Use a script to divide it into the countries/zones, the players would just fly around commanding armies (maybe Combine -1, Helicopter - 5, Strider - 10 lol)

Combine - 1 strider - 5 Helicopter - 7 Melon - 10

Also,make a limit to which the player can fly,like he cannot stray too far from his own base without having a scout unit find out countries/zones.

just make it a sassilization map boom you have a war but you need to add brigdes

Dude,sassilization maps and models are Sassilization exclusive.