WorldCraft 3D view selection not working

I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the right place, but since there are no other “mapping” categories, here goes…

I’m making a Half-Life 1 map with worldcraft 3.3, and I can’t select anything with the 3D view. I always have to use the 2D windows, and it’s impossible to select faces when placing textures. here’s pics of my config:

Does it work in Hammer?

No, I can’t even load the config in SDK (even though it’s the same as above.

If you have an ATI It will not work unless you use Catalyst 6.5 or under. (Catalyst 6.5 won’t work with cards above ~ 2004/2005)

And I will fix this by…?

Getting a new card, I assume. v:v:v

wtf dude you don’t know the name of your drivers ?
Catalyst is the name of the ATI drivers.

Now : If you have an ATI card with HD in it’s name (like HD4650) HL1 hammer won’t work for you. If you have something old (such as an ATI Radeon X1650) you can downgrade your drivers to Catalyst 6.5 (Uninstall your current drivers, find Catalyst 6.5 and install it).

The other solution is to buy an nvidia.

Worldcraft doesn’t support 3d view selection, this feature was added in hammer 3.4. All version of WC that I have used don’t have much 3d support at all, it was simply just to look at what you were doing.

Thanks! (And yes, I know my drivers. I have a radeon X1-something but I just didn’t know what you meant by catalyst.) I’ll go try that…

“If you have an ATI It will not work unless you use Catalyst 6.5 or under. (Catalyst 6.5 won’t work with cards above ~ 2004/2005)” I think he is trying to say Worldcraft wont support any drivers newer then 6.5 from ATi which means he should get a older card :wink:

okay 2 last questions.
1.) Will my screen still work after uninstalling the driver?
2.) Will Left 4 Dead 2 work after uninstalling it?
(that’s it)

  1. Yes, windows will default to a really bad driver
  2. No, most likely it will not even start


Ok. Can you provide a download link for it? I can’t find one.

Can’t you just get hammer 3.4 or 3.5? (Not the source SDK)

Why the fuck are you using files from under SourceMods?

Unless you’re mapping for Halflife: Source, you’re doin’ it wrong.

Where’d you see SourceMods?

Horse crap. It supported 3D view selection in 3.3.

Why are you using that old crap anyway? WC 3.3 is almost as old as HL itself and has some pretty nasty crash bugs. You should be using Hammer 3.5, which is the last version to officially support the HL1 engine.

And about the 3D view not working with ATI drivers, they fixed that bug in Catalyst 9.2/9.3. I used to have that problem with my HD5870, but updating from 9 to 9.2/9.3 fixed the selection bug.

Stop posting for the sake of it, he doesn’t need a new card… Read the thread again.

What? I was replying to someone else not the thread, And I quote it was a joke.jpg