Worldmodel animations

Are worldmodel animations possible outside of Lua’s Manipulatebone functions? For example could one animate custom animations for a specific worldmodel and get them to play without having to recompile all of the Garry’s Mod playermodels? If so, how would be the best way to achieve this and to call the animations via Lua?




Jetboom made an API for making LUA Animations, using bone manipulation. It works great. The problem is that those functions use relative rotations and translations, so the “LUA Animations” will overlap with the current player animations. You can find more info here:

This is the latest GitHub I found:

Thank you, I am aware of Jetboom’s API, but it’s not quite what I asked. I asked if it’s possible to animate new gestures/acts in blender and get those working on a specific swep without having to decompile the current playermodels or animation mdl’s.

Pretty sure this isn’t possible - according to this page of the wiki (in the Animators section):

If you mean specifically World Models of weapons, you can add sequences into them and play than without a problem. The Alyx Gun world model does exactly that.

If you mean player model animations, then no, you cannot properly add new animations.

That’s a damn shame, looks like Manipulatebones will have to be my answer.

Thanks guys!