WorldModel still showing when spectating a player

I’ve ported a workshop gun to TTT, but I’ve run into a bit of a problem.

The gun has to custom draw the worldmodel because the model have the crotch gun bug by default. The problem that has come up is that when you spectate a player you still see the player model of the person you are spectating. As far as I can tell this is because I am overwriting WEAPON:DrawWorldModel( ).

Does anyone know of a way to detect that I am spectating a person and not have their world model draw only for me?

I know thats what it is because if I spectate someone carrying the weapon and then disable the world model the problem is solved, this just obviously isn’t a solution since other people need to see the players gun, and it would disable the model for anyone else carrying that gun.

I know it can be done because its done either by default in TTT or in the default WEAPON:DrawWorldModel( ) function.

Any ideas?

Heres an image of what I’m talking about