World's deadliest soldiers on a zombie hunt.

Something I did this morning. With so much stuff (personal) going on, I’m not able to make very many videos. However, I did find time to do this.

Tell me what needs to be improved.

…I really should start making videos again.

The Femme-bine assassin’s gun wielding needs some work, needs to be closer by the hip

Gotcha. Will keep that in mind for next time, thanks. ^^

Trench coat Combine: Perfect
Fast Assassin: Not So Much

Body choped torso should be aligned a bit more though, or put in a angle so it looked like the energy transfered into the zombie.

Ohhhh. Ok, tried to make it look as if the force of the swing were making the torso fly the other way, but looks like I made gravity look like a fool, lol. Thanks for the tip! ^^

Needs more Anti-Aliasing.

Funny thing, I’ve seen that on my options menu and never knew what it did. What exactly DOES it mean?

You’re using the icky female assasin model.

They don’t look very deadly either.

Got better models? In desperate need of new ones. xD

First of all use THIS assasin model. It’s much better. :3:

Cha-CHING! Thx!

Angle needs work. Can barely see the soldier at the bottom.

Not bad, otherwise.

Reminds me of something I made once…

The angle of the shot is not so good, but posing is alright. Little editing wouldn’t hurt anybody.