World's Smallest Wire Engine

Made it a while ago using the smallest phx pieces, believe it’s a record. Anyone made any smaller?

Unless someone makes a 1x1 pixel model, i guess you have won this time

Maybe today I will make some smaller engine parts, if possible.

Ok made some super small blocks, about a quarter of the size of the phx smallest. Had a quick build with them and they are hard little buggers to work with!

Give em’ a go!

I don’t think this is the right forum for this.

Isnt this a contraption?

There’s a movie, and a screenshot. There you go

Movies go in the “videos” section and the screenshot wasn’t there when you started the thread two days ago.

Regardless, any screenshots of contraptions should go in contraptions. Whether this wire thing actually counts as a contraption I don’t know.

Meh, minor technicalities, plus if not on topic or interested, then please don’t post.

Sorry, Mr. Moderator.


(lol hypocrisy)

That’s ok, just pissed cause of my poor thread exposure.