Worldview Modification (Contains footage from The Stanley Parable [possible spoiler, but unlikely?])

Hey there everyone, I’m trying to figure out exactly how to create something like this, as shown in the footage below. The game was produced in the Source engine, so there must be a way to do it. Does anyone know how this works?


Yes, it’s called Linked_portal_door and it is only in the portal 2 branch. I don’t even think you could even rewirte it for a mod as it deals with stuff that is reliant on manipulating things like visleafs and areaportals.

The best you could do to replicate something like this outside of Portal 2 is to use a teleport trigger and use an info_landmark with it and duplicate the rooms multiple time with teleport_destinations. It could get messy and you won’t be able to totally do something this advanced sadly.

Valve please give us Portal 2 source code.