Worm dudething chases dude and legless lady dude in a tunnle

Been a while since I made a Dark Tower picture. Anyway, this was my entry in the new Concentrated Awesome challenge.


Is that the thing from Dark Messiah?

No it’s the thing from your mother’s cunt.

jk dawg jk
Yeah, it’s the Dark Messiah worm.

I presume Mysterious Stranger has become a public model now.

Dude do you like using the word dude?

dude nice work dude

Creepy! D:

But Nice work :smiley:


I remember your previous “Dark Tower” screenshots. I’ve never read any of the books…what on earth are they about?

Yeah, dude.

Dude, I’ll need to be talking to you to even begin to explain that.


At least I don’t think it is, I can’t be arsed to go look through Releases.

I have it but I haven’t even used it in any poses yet.


I really want to find those Dark Tower books. Mainly 'cause you say how good they are, and because my parents say I’d love’em.

Hahaha fucking lol

Looks good though

Dude holy crap dude this is the best dude-ing screenshot ever dude!
The worm dude is one awesome dude, dude.

Heh. :v:

There’s such a thing as a “Dude Overload,” dude.

Civilian1:“What you been up to lately?”
Civilian2:"So I was talking to my brother the other da…
Civilian1:“Remember kids, a smart man knows when to RUN LIKE A LITTLE BITCH!”


Thanks, dudes.

of corse the whit men is carry the black. rasist.

Yeah, dude.