Worm Playermodel: Possible?

This is an idea that I got recently, either it’s bullshit babbling or just plain dumb- as I don’t have the slightest idea how the rigging/modeling process works.

Can you alter the bone structure of the Valve bones (When rigging a playermodel) to make, In this case, a worm playermodel?


Making the feet and leg bones have 0% strenght, unaffecting any polygon in the model? Rezising the head and neck bones to fit the worm model? Having floating hands? Maybe even jigglebone the tail with no elasticy or density whatsoever, and making it collide with the world, so it can drag across the floor/ground?

This is probably impossible to do, or what do you think?

If it is, somewhat, possible- then i’m requesting a worm playermodel using this model: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=109923. You don’t need to do a perfect one. It should be the size of a normal character, maybe smaller. It’ll be interesting what the results will be like, never the less.

i think its possible :smiley:
cool idea :smiley:

I see what you mean, and in theory I think it’s possible. But then there’s the animations and compiling the animations. That’s where it gets rough. Nevertheless, we never know unless we try, and it could create interesting results, even if it’s a massive failure. If I was a modeler I would at least give it a shot.

The video camera wouldn’t exist if someone didn’t try, and different styled player models won’t exist unless someone gives it a try.

EP2 Source has a default “skeleton” for all playermodels.

“But the sonic heroes playermodels…”
Those use the same bones, just giving the illusion that they’re differently rigged.

That’s why TF2 playermodels are hard to make:
Their skeletons are different.

Tf2 uses a TF2 Source engine.

Actually, that one your wrong about, those models have an entirely custom animation set (based on the normal player anims), built into the models (as i’ve decompiled them and had a look), and the skeletons are resized and have added bits (like for the spikes on sonic).

Where did you pull all this from.

  1. It is possible just a pain to do
  2. EP2 Source? It has a base skeleton that you can use for bipedal creatures but it doesn’t force it
  3. They do use the same bones like Silver said but they are modified
  4. I don’t completely understand this one
    Edit: The main problem I see right now is the tail since jiggle bones can’t have collision models
  1. Agree.
  2. Correct.
  3. I said they were modified.
  4. he’s just saying the games run on different engines which is incorrect, GMod and TF2 both run on the OB engine.
  5. Yea that’s a good point, they would just jiggle under the floor (I think, not tested it so can’t be 100% sure).

I know you can control how much it would move up and down (I keep forgetting which axis is which) but it would look strange having it stay flat while in mid air. For 3 I wrote something different since I forgot who posted above me all I remember was them saying that the model had custom animations then I went a changed it so it said your name instead of “poster above me”