worried about crack usage

Could an admin or dev message me to discuss possible usage of a crack by player on a community server I play on. They said they did something to that effect and it just keeps bugging me that it could be true.

Not sure what you mean, do you mean crack as in pirated?

I’m assuming so. There are pirated copies of the game out there, unfortunately.

drugs are bad, mmkay

That is a real shame, hopefully deva can do something about that.

I’m sure they’ll eventually incorporate a way to check if their copy is legitimate when they connect to a server if they haven’t already. Not exactly sure how the pirated copies work.

I would test it for purpose of helping find a solution, but i never ever pirate anything and would rather the devs fix it.

I’m pretty sure pirated copies can’t connect to official servers, they could only connect to pirated servers that people have to host.

I doubt the server I play on is a cracked one and if it is I will leave it at once, but the player was saying that he did not pay and he would pay for it on his birthday when he got the money for it… but people can just say that without ever paying for it like the rest of us. ):

We don’t much care about piracy. It is bound to happen. We’re best off putting our efforts into developing the game, rather than constantly trying to be one step ahead of pirates.

That said, we do add the standard steam protections in, and will add more checks.

As with any game that is constantly updated, the pirated versions will quickly become out of date. So you’re always going to be better off just buying Rust.

yup. It’s not like its 3432566 dollars. its 20 bucks… i can, and do, spend more than that on a single meal one a regular basis. I’d rather spend 20 bucks on something I can enjoy for hours on end. (2 beers and an entree at applebees usually costs about 25 bucks >.<)