Worries about Windmills

Quarries and Pumps are okay right now for the most part. With the exception of Quarries and HQ metal, all the resources gathered with those two industry items are obtainable through slower means.

Windmills worry me, however. I assume based on their size that they’re going to be in the same tier as Quarries/Pump jacks. Very expensive, very rare to learn, produce a lot of resource. I really hope Windmills isn’t the sole source of generating power is what I’m getting at.

I don’t want a massive compound that needs a lot of power to run sentry turrets and shit like that, I just want something small to power a few interior/yard lights. Pretty much Quarries and Jacks being locked to these mega-bases feel right, and even windmills too, but not power in general.

elecrobikes motherfuckersssss

Maybe the generators will still become a thing?

And maybe the Windmills will be less “proprietary”. You see a good number of quarries and such just sort of left out in the open. Unusable due to likelihood of theft, they just sort of sit there and decay.

But a Windmill… you can’t steal electricity. Divert it, sure. But you can’t take it and run away with it so that no one else has a chance to use it–the Windmill is still there, pumping out juice.

So maybe someone plops down a random generator and instead of it doing nothing, a bunch of solo players cluster around it. It produces more than their little homes could use, so they aren’t losing out on the juice as others move in. And by clustering their homes, they protect their source of power.

Suddenly you have an ad-hoc community.

By steadily producing something without accumulating an output or requiring an input to steal, the Windmill could help build communities.

I wouldn’t mind small solar panels that can be clipped on to roofs or placed on the ground.

They can be used to power small things like lights,charge batteries for flashlights and the miners hat.

You might also be able to charge a battery bank to use more powerful things like powertools,electrical furnaces and stoves for a limited time.

From what I understood they wanted 3 power generators: Gas Generator, Windmill and Salvaged Solar panels.

I think they mentioned water wheels too. Or water power wheel… not sure what it’s called

Hydroelectric power

I’d love the option to setup a town along a river. Especially when boats come into play.