Worse Than Life: Conversations from Real Life



poor male_02


I lol’d

…I don’t know what to say.

erm…is male_02 retarded?

He has feeling you know :frowning:

No, I am not retarded (at least not as far as I know, although forgetting the words “fire” and “burning” at that time was a bit weird). You’ll also notice that I was the smart one in one of those conversations (the larynx one). And these are just the conversations Rimmer chose to post. Hopefully, there will be a sequel to this one.

//male_02/Rimmer’s flatmate

It feels good when there’s conversations that are considered wierd/messed up and the like and yet not being as messed up as some of the conversations me and my friends have sometimes happened to have.

You cheer’d up my day! Er… night.

Good old Worse Than Life, still funny.