Worse Than Life: Embarrassing moments


damn that has to suck

The laws of this comic’s land are INSANE, I don’t want to live there.

Nice except for the unrealistic parts…

Why was the police officer paying more attention to a man’s penis than the two lesbians over there? And why didn’t he leave the scene of the crime when he saw them dialing 911?

He deserves everything he’s getting anyway. Olololololololol.

What a sadistic policeman not letting a poor shmuck pee

" There’s pee on your pants. "
" Yeah but it’s not mine. "
That was genuine brains right there.

That cop is a douchebag.
Not allowing him to pee.

hah, the drunk party pickup made me giggle.

I love this series.

Another great episode from one of my favorite comic series!

wanna make out? :q:

I feel better after reading these:sun:
I like this series.

That part was probably the most accurate one compared to what actually happened… sigh The amount of self-respect I’ve sacrificed to entertain y’all over the years…