Worse Than Life: Genes


that was hillarious :v: poor heavy xD

Ha-ha I actually chuckled, nice work keep it up I hope too see more.

Haha three in a row, nice going.

ROFL. I lol’d so hard at last panels.

Always the Heavy! :frowning:

But that makes it so damn awesome!

It’s always the heavy. :frown:

It’s remind of me the serie “my uncle charlie” with Charlie chine.

Well done! Keep up the good work!

That was surprisingly ‘feel-good.’ I am both pleased, disappointed, and confused.

Awww…Poor heavy…

ha that was great

I’m really an old softie at heart.

Shit I remember these.

/internet hug

Haha that was nice

Lol that was funny xD.

“Fuck off, Dad!”

lmao xD

Unexpected and very funny! Keep it up, mate!

Heh, I wonder what their dad did to them if they hate him so much…

It would be the heavy in this situation