Worse Than Life: Valentine's Day Special and Bonus Comic



AJ! I didn’t know you still made comics man.
Rather good worse than life quality again.

Awww, how sweet.

Nice one:keke:

But… but, now MY life is the worst I know now! How am I supposed to keep on living if there isn’t someone who’s suffering more than me?!

And now for something completely different: Nice one!

I know I’ve been really absent lately, but I’ve never gone a V-day without making a WTL. Not about to break that tradition just cause I’ve fallen nauseatingly in love. By which I mean, my beautiful new girlfriend nudged me sharply with her elbow and told me to get to work, you lazy sod.

Don’t worry, there’s always suffering more than you are, as long as you manage to keep a steady internet connection and are able to log in to Facepunch.

Hey, and here I was thinking non-interactive comics with actual layouts were dead. Good one, nice to see some Worse than Life.

And also, pretty sweet message in the end. Best of luck to both of you!


However, the concept of “good friends” who “secretly love each other” and then ultimately consumate their love for each other makes me sick (sorry, still a big fan of you work anyway :3!).

It’s a situation like that that my last girlfriend dumped me for her best friend (male).

So you better not fuck up what you got!

Ouch. What a bitch.

You know, my relationship with my ex-girlfriend began pretty close to AJ Rimmer’s. We were best friends for three years, we fell in love with each other and we dated for one year and a half, or something, but the relationship was terrible and we eventually broke up and tried to stay friends, but it didn’t work.
Then again, she was a bit crazy, and I regret a lot of what transpired.

And why am I telling this to a forum where one of the most popular threads is the “sex pose megathread”? Because, besides not really being a big deal anymore, I sincerely hope everything goes for the best with our fellow member AJ. And something tells me it will.

I don’t know who you are or what you just said but I know for a fact that I enjoyed the comic. And d’awwed at the end.

Made me feel good, bro.

Well, while I’ve never been much in Facepunch, I’ve been a Garry’s Mod comic maker since '07. Not exactly the most active, though, since I only release a couple comics a year at best, but I got some compliments from some nice people who enjoyed my comics, so everyone won and it made me glad.
I was a member of Facepunch’s old competitor PHW for some time (that’s where I began), but I left when I realized it had become a huge pile of crap. Then I joined a site a friend of mine made, PoB, and it was pretty good while it lasted, but, of course, cunts came and ruined it.
So now I’ve been way too busy with real life to do anything in GMod and I tried my hand at making a GMod-oriented blog, but it’s constantly inactive and, as such, very unsuccessful. I still love GMod, though.

I know you didn’t asked. And I know I sound egotistical. BUT I’M AN OLD GMOD MAN AND I’M ENTITLED TO RAMBLE DARN IT

all i gotta say is

Do I rate this FUNNY or FRIENDLY?

I have to say I lol’d really hard at the second frame of the first comic, mostly because I read it in a nasally, wimpy voice. :v:

That being said, cheers mate, and best to you. Also nice to see you haven’t completely forsaken us. :cheers:

I’ve been wondering if this episode would ever come…

Cheers, AJ.

Both sound about right. :wink:

Goddamn, it’s been too long. This actually made me a bit nostalgic for the old days of comic making. I still remember the first episode with animatedcorpse/annie/tanya/themissus.
But I can’t help thinking; where do you go now? Rimmer got laid, the end?

The real answer to this is I’m probably never gonna be as active as I once was, but I am hoping of going back to making more comics, and trust me, life still sucks in oh-so-many ways. The more annyoing way to answer that question is: Away from Facepunch. See, my missus is making a WTL website. Stay tuned in future for more news on this.