Worse than LSD

JPEG compression can suck my cock

bonus; it’s old as shit but it looks nice

What the fuck did I just see?

Nice job, man. Can’t see any errors and the lighting is nice.

no that’s just about accurate
no better
no worse

What I interpret in this picture:

The policeman and his dog, represent regular law enforcers. (Such as… normal cops)

The Ex-Cop (portraited as Max Payne) reperents someone who escaped the system and is now trying to warn you.

The bear stands for a higher order in the hierarchy… like the CIA.
He is just observing the situation and reporting to the higher authorities. (Such as the president)

The Space Invader in the background are on the top of the hierarchy. (President) They represent an alien race who controls the whole government of the USA since 1947. They Invaded Earth back then from Space!

The colors around you represent important things such as personal feelings, relationships, market prices, homosexuallity and TV shows which are also controled by Aliens and being watched by the authorities (bear, dog and cop)

You stand in the middle of all this, KNOWING the truth and trying to understand, while the cop and the dog are trying to knock you out with a “Heil Hitler” Kung-fu punch and arrest you to feed you to the bear.

Dude, this is just a picture about a guy doing a badtrip. Calm down, it’s ok. No one wants to kill you and those girls over there ain’t laughing about you. Stop sitting on that sofa like earth just stopped and have something to drink. It’s gonna be OK mate, it can happen to everyone. Tomorrow you’ll laugh about it, don’t you? Well, see, it’s better now. Wait, no, no! NOT HERE! DUDE, D… HOLY SHIT GUYS, BRING SOME TOILET PAPER HE JUST THREW UP EVERYWHERE!

No he’s right. That’s what was going through my mind the whole time.

Paranoid persons shouldn’t do drugs.

I can say it is better then LSD.
Instant trip