Worst Alpha Testers of All Time.

This is the worst community of Alpha testers of all time. If a bug comes up that is going to affect the server in a major way like duping, destroying walls or metal doors easily, then it needs to be sent to the devs directly. This whole posting tutorials on how to dupe and making videos of destroying walls with the bow is ridiculous. Send those videos to the dev directly and make them private on YouTube. Not to mention the people who see the videos and take advantage of it. I know you guys are going to be like, “It’s Alpha, we are supposed to find bugs.” Yes, yes you are but that doesn’t mean you take advantage of it and spread it around to the community so they can take advantage of it. Tell the devs and only the devs and let them fix it. Don’t keep it to yourself and don’t go around telling EVERYONE. There needs to be more guidelines on how to post a bug… If it is something small like, the foundation not placing correctly then post it on the Bug Reports forum and the regular forum if you want. If it is something that is going to affect other players and the server tell the devs directly via a message or shoot over an email. This is getting old. Be good Alpha testers.

i 100% agree with you

100% with u.


welcome to the general survival mmo type mindset that most of the testers currently have

‘its not cheating if its in alpha’

im with u bro 100% …
so next time dupes or stuff report them PL0x

oh, another issue too is the amount of media coverage the game has gotten in such an early state it’s not bad necessarily but it sure does attract shitheads

Oh my God yes. So true.

To play devil’s advocate here, would you rather they post a “tutorial” of it or keep it to themselves and exclusively use it to grief everyone?

also, the more people use it, the faster its fixed, no point keeping it hidden

If you would learn to read I say not to keep it to yourself and email or private message devs

Let me know when there’s an anti-cheat engine to actively blunt the 3rd party aimbot, esp and speed hacks.

That shouldn’t be hard to implement. I wish they would

Yeah, but when only 1 person knows its not that big of a priority, so it won’t get patched as fast.

Not true whatsoever. Any bug that is reported, if it is major devs will fix it rigt away. I guarantee if only one person Knew and told them about the now exploit it would have been fixed just as fast.

Maybe you should learn to type for your audience instead of typing a wall of text?

Also learn to read, I am playing devil’s advocate here. The more widespread a known exploit is, the more developer attention would be brought onto the issue.

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Now you are just fooling yourself. You think the duping bug would have been given the attention that it was if only one or ten people were using it? No.

The duping bug being in everyone’s hands caused the servers to shit themselves. Server performance and stability is definitely going to get the highest amount of attention from the devs.

Var, I had no idea that you were apart of the Dev team. I’m glad you shared your in-depth knowledge of Facepunch’s devs and how they prioritize.

Thing is this alpha isn’t like other alphas, here there is actual competition where the game is not simply based around building houses but also gaining the upper hand in fights. Blame the basic game mechanics not the testers.

The developers have essentially meshed together the Minecraft and DayZ communites with a mix of prepubescent children and teenagers from the powertrip of a genre known as FPS games and you expect anything else from what we’ve ended up with? I don’t know how you have that much faith in humanity left in you.

what the fuck are you talking about, this game wasn’t about slaughtering the shit out of everyone else until the dayz type audience showed up.