Worst Contraption/Thingy You Have Seen on a Server

What is the worst thing that you have seen anyone build, or attempt to build? Either because it didn’t work, it looked like shit, the concept was fail, or just plain offensive.

I saw this, no lie.

I don’t know how to resize, sorry.

In spacebuild, I saw this kid, with a chalk-on-chalk voice, building a box, that was all welded like shit. He said it was his ship.

I once saw a PHX tank, it had Flamethrowers on the front and a tiny turret on the top. The guy who had it drove over to the pad on flatgrass to shoot everyone’s stuff, I did one pass with my new chopper and cut the damn thing in half before he could do any damage.

an exp2 thing that unbinded your spawn menu and undo keys and made you spam chat

Some douche made a seat that traps you inside so you have to leave and rejoin the server to get out. Also he prop-killed with it.

i’m so making one of those, ahhahahaghahgahhahah

Naw, make it so it spams undo in the console.

Someone’s gonna be pissed when they don’t adv dupe their new awesome contraption

Someone made a penis vehicle.

Cock jokes are not funny, grow up.

Hm… A remember some kid trying to use the Chrisaster Virus to hyperdrive himself back in time.
It was very lawl.

Hahaha, cock!

Also, telemindfuck machine on my server once, Players warping everywhere.

I once drove a bathtub-car with a black guy burning on the cross in the back, naughty naughty.

I built a giant ballon with a canal bridge as the basket…

Someone made a vehicle out of more than a 100 melons. It was set on self destruct.

Some guy built a giant Robot out of wire and it could do calculation’s over 9000. I wasn’t impressed at all.

When i got bored. Made a small box wired up. Inside was 4 wire feild gens with a timer set up to alternate dead quick. you didnt know whether you were coming or going XD. All you saw were people an melons and bounce balls everywhere, fun but crashed 3 people. Well was a test anyway. That and some random blackhole thing that hovers around the map and shoots in every direction.

I saw a guy spawning a gigantic PHX woman with one penis penetrating her, on penis rubbing against her, and another penis being licked.

I was so disgusted that I ran up to it and crowbar’d the balls, but it blew up.



That’s quite cool in some respect, however it is also horrible

Concmd() now only applies to the person that made the E2

So you can still make a self-executing E2 that fucks up shit and put it in the public Adv. Dupe folder, but still.

Worst contraptions I’ve seen is my contraptions :slight_smile: