Worst experience with a mingebag in a server?

Whats the worst experience you have had with a mingebag in a server?

I had the worst freaking spammer. Crashed the server with like 50 prop making thingies. Couldn’t even ban him, it was just that fast!

A jackass (Rhys) was becoming annoying via using a Hoverdrive teleporter with a wire bomb can on it and spam teleporting it at my feet. I retaliated by asking an associate to actively hunt him down.
Rhys claimed to be hiding underground (even without a noclip ability) so my hoverbomb that crushes people more than exploding couldn’t get him.

One thing led to another and my associate was actively crushing him with like, 10 Shipping containers

Mine would be you, .¤§À¤.Ðr.pεppεr.

I you never cease to amaze me with how ignorant you can be. :v:

who the hell is dr.pepper lol you must be thinking of some other minge bag my name in game is 7tker


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When I first went online, some guy threw a dumpster on me while I was fapping to some gmod porn I made in the corner of flat grass.

Noclip was disabled and I couldn’t touch his props.


that’s just wrong…FOR SHAME!

My worst experience with a minge bag was when this troll came on to the server, he began to make fun of everyone and spammed PHX towers all over the place, the server didn’t crash, but it still lagged like hell. He attempted to break my things (Unbreakable Stool) and got pissed, so he tried killing everyone, that didn’t work either, he finally whined and left.

Even if he failed completely, it sucked with him on.

The worst I had when I was warding out side on a rp sever in city 88 when i come a back a guy was in my house stealing all my food he killed me before i lock my door and then i blocked it and arrested him he got pissed off and said I abused when I had a another cop there

Well when a mingebag thought he could ragdoll me (He Coulden’t) he called his admin minge and ragdolled me and RAPED ME.

Crashed my server with a skull and a phx 1x1 plate, don’t ask.

I’m sorry, but HOW?!

On a server with blowtorch SWEP, someone destroyed a long and arduous contraption that took me forever to build.

Edit: This one isn’t as bad, but some kid, xxgrinningdemonxx, sapped my stuff with the Gcombat sapper and said he was gonna get his friend (I doubt he has one) to hack us by giving him our SteamID’s.

One time I was on my build server just building a little robot. This guy “Enzo” comes along, and he acts like a normal player. acts. After we were done I changed it to RP, ( it has been a day ) and he messages me on steam saying he has a new leaked gamemode. But he needed something in return. He then said my server, and I said, Fuck no, show proof of gamemode. Then he get’s all on a pussy fit, and then says, “I’m going to call my friend Karn and he’ll hack your computer.”
I told him to shove it up his, and then blocked him. Stear clear of this guy. :ninja:

The worst experience with mingebags I had was when some Admin starting Nuking O M G City every minute. ALL the admins were little immature brats who get their parents to pay 5 bucks so tney could get adminship. PS. Where can you get this map City 88?

Well here’s a crazy one for you, this guys builds like this spinning laser machine in the middle of flatgrass, so anyone on the ground dies instantly(there were a couple lasers pointing into the sky but they weren’t enough to cover it all) so we avoided it by noclipping. I tried to build walls around his lasers but he kept moving it away. So eventually I resorted to building stuff behind a big wall in a far corner of the map until he finally left.

I was on a lan game with my brother (I thought it was lan anyway, must have missed the check box) when this minge called “THECOW” joined. As soon as he got in, he started blasting everything in sight with a staff weapon. It was actually pretty funny, I didn’t notice the join message and I thought we were on lan, so my first thought was “one of our npcs has gone crazy!”. I finally realized he was another player, but I let him stay for a while. He built a pretty nice fort, but then started killing us for no reason so I kicked him and passworded the server.

Worst thing I’ve seen? Jesus… Well going back to garry’s mod 9 I remeber hearing the story about the 1st Artillery Barrage being wiped out by the minge army. Then more recent while I was still with garry’s mod military we had a recon plane with four people flying over a server that had those 64 players limits but no one playing. Well… Next thing we knew we got a message over steam chat, “Bluebird hit by bb” in old timer code bb means shrapnel shot which basically gos up into the air hits a plane explodes and removes the players enitys without doing too much damage to a plane.

I was testing those new spacebuild weapons that are sort of like GCombat, and after I fired a MAC gun a minge managed to dupe the bullet… and you can figure out what happened after that.

How the hell did he manage to do that, those are fast as hell