Worst Garry's Mod communities you've joined

I’ve been playing Garry’s Mod on & off for a number of years now and during that time I’ve been part of many gaming communities I have amassed 3485 hours (although some of those may have been alt+tabbed out, or left on over night) and nearly all the achievements.

The worst communities I’ve ever joined are as follows

Dev3ne - Sandbox (Flatgrass)
I joined a server for the first time back in 2010, this has to be, by far the absolute worst of the worst. It was a sandbox community and it was recommended to me by an acquaintance on another gaming forum. They had (at the time) the new PhyX props and loads of cool features. They also allowed mild deathmatching and pvp which was great for building my killing machines and traps and then testing them. At the time it was the only server that (aparently) had both a build and a kill mode which you could change at will.

So I joined and as soon as I spawned I was killed, killed and killed again. I then spawned in some kind of jail with most of the server killing me with various guns and taunting me. I was put into a “mingebag” rank and had no guns, couldn’t spawn anything and got kicked automatically after 30 seconds. I went onto their forum to inform them that their server appeared to have been hacked (that’s what it looked like from my perspective, as I’d seen their servers in the server list always full or busy) and subsequently got permabanned without warning and for the reason “minge”. A few days later my VPN informed me that they were getting lots of incoming traffic and appeared to be a ddos attack, simply changed the IP/server and the problem was solved. I’ve not seen them in the server lists in quite a number of years now and I heard on the grapevine that they’d gotten into legal hot water.

**NewbieNation **- Basewars (Downtown v2)
Joined this server for the first time earlier today and was the inspiration for making this thread infact. It had nothing special except that both of their Basewars servers were moderately busy.

Worst, Admins, Ever. I joined and their !motd window was just a blank white page with a close button on it. F1 bought up the same window and when I asked if there were any special rules I was informed “Yes, Raid timer” and when I asked what one of those was the admin said “I’m not gonna tell you”. So I made up a base that had a single fading door, a basic generator, a level 2 scanner, 2 silver printers (both level 0) and 4 bronzes (all level 2) and proceeded to scan this dude with a HUGE base with a nuclear money printer in it, he seemed to be afk so I kitted myself out and started to weld one of his props. about 10 seconds in I’m kicked with the reason “.”, I rejoin and am immediately kicked with the reason “He is my fiend don’t raid him”. I rejoined again and was then banned straight away with the reason “doesn’t listen”. I was like wtf! lol

A random french Build&Kill server - “The old version of Fight to Survive” (Freespace)
Immediately got permabanned with “not french”

I;m guessing some of you here have your own stories to tell & I wanna hear 'em.

Pretty much every RP server community I’ve joined. I can’t really remember the name since the last time I joined one was a few months back and I really hated these fucks.

Snobby admins, cuntbag owners, and cancerous members that browse 9gag fill that community. Thank fuck I decided to fuck with everyone on their server and just kept spamming shit and banning everyone in that shithole.

Fucking with the people in the community like that only makes it worse and makes you another shitty community member :v:
It’s better to just leave it alone unless, for some reason, they go after you.

As for bad communities, pretty much most vanilla DarkRP servers. I enjoy the simple, cop and robber style gameplay of DarkRP, I’m not going to pretend I don’t. I just can’t stand servers that don’t bother to change anything.


[sp]Just kidding[/sp]

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Any DarkRP or TTT server that call themselves “custom” because they have pointshop or a scoreboard that they ripped off of garrysmod.org

Believe it or not I played in Hellzone for a bit, there were a few nice folks I played with there. But the community is atrocious. Admins biased as fuck, abusing their power and being incredibly hypocritical. Not to mention the owner is a dick. Their forums, ugh, signatures that take up half your screen space and everyone trying to be different by colouring or bolding their words. Even inside the community, HZ members were hating each other.

And then there was a DarkRP server. SPTZ. A friend I knew bought admin and gave me a “respected” rank, so I thought I’d play for a bit with and without him. For one, there was buyable admin, a large mistake that I overlooked. I regert it. The community is even more atrocious than Hellzone’s. There’s underage, immature, biased admins who don’t know jackshit about RP, and an abusive owner. There’s an entire job section dedicated to only their community members.

I had an admin metagame on me, and I proved him wrong but he ended up gagging and muting me. I brought another admin to diagnose the situation, and he agreed I was right. The admin who I was arguing with ended up slaying me “by accident”, then slaying himself, and then walking around the map crying “metagame metagame metagame metagame rp wah wah”. I told him to shut up and then he muted me for “disrespect”.

And the abusive owner, he participates in raids by spawning himself ammo and breaking open doors instantly with some unreal weapon. He tells his admins to shoot at people but not kill them, (i.e. baiting), so the person being shot at will fight back and then they have an excuse to kill him. And then he was also participating in RDM by driving a car where a few of his admins were sitting with him but gunning down random people. He also doesn’t really respect his players or considers them much.

  1. Raven Crew TTT, they claim they have custom content, but have bought every single bit of code off of Coder Hire and stolen from Facepunch. It’s pretty bad.

  2. And most DarkRP servers.

Just about any server that I’ve ever joined. I’ve only really stayed on or liked one or two. Most DarkRP and TTT servers; they’re just full of corrupt or abusive admins.

Lifepunch is pretty much the shittiest place ever bunch of gays and losers + the owner dude is a dick

any server with dumb ass shit in the title and 59000 gb of stuff to download to join another generic server

Don’t forget their developer that completely trashed the server, and was still payed because they had no other lua developer.

Catalyst Gaming

DarkRP Reloaded…
Nothing custom, just another server that Buys all there shit from Coder hire.
Its not Custom that way! I’m sick of joining servers that say (Custom) when It all can be bought online…

I don’t recall the name, but I went to a server where the owner was 9.
I swore once and got perma’d
Thank God

9 year old community owners now?

lol, beautiful post

=TNT= Worst, fucking, owner, ever.

He’s only 16 and gets mad at everything!

Who up next? :open_mouth:

Lol I play TTT there daily. Haven’t seen the owner once.

Either Checkpoint gaming or Lemonpunch

Or the other Developer that they hired, and he didn’t know lua.