Worst Garry's Mod Servers Ever?

To be honest, there are so many bad servers. But I just want to see what you guys think are the worst!

My number one worst, is Firestorm Gaming. The Owner cannot properly run a server. He is too afraid to admit it. When I posted all of the things wrong about the server, he deleted it and banned me. He is timid and afraid to the truth. The whole server and website is made by others. His whole server is Coderhire. The whole website, is designed by someone else. He claims he “knows what he’s doing”. But he doesn’t. Don’t be deceived by such a terrible server.

The Owner: http://steamcommunity.com/id/fsgcal/

Can anything top that? :slight_smile:


There’s a thousand threads like this and nobody ever seems to care but ok.

The worst server I joined was every darkrp server ever except for ByB

DarkRP is kinda bad you’re right lol

One time I logged into a sandbox on construct and got banned 10 seconds later.

That was probably one of the best servers I’ve been on.

Really? Dang, now that’s bad.

Modified Gaming. They ban for no reason and went from the best to the worst in a week.

Eclipse DarkRP, money hungry, a bunch of op things, p2w custom jobs with auto gls and rockets, owner only adds cars and color tool has been broken for 6 months.

DiamondSwordGaming, easy.

eugecus tops all your servers

they don’t even deserve a description

People can buy Mod for $20.

One of the dudes who owns it lurked on a server I played on a couple of years ago and was a total shithead

FC&N Build, some of the darkest secrets behind it, i’m not even gonna explain.

When you said “darkest secrets”, ragdoll sex posing came to mind.

Project 21, their owner smells bad.

LKS. Died. bad ownr.

oh yeah bloodline gaming.
white knight admin and gamurr gurl admin, m9k, pay to win (so donators get op weapons) and bots

oh yeah banned for disrespecting gamurr gurl

Toybox’s servers, hands down the worst servers I’ve been on.

Moderators randomly gag people that haven’t donated and are just plain vile to speak to.

Also I agree with you Lord_TAcoz, that servers a bit on the shite side.

GamingLight RP. It’s EXTREMELY easy to get away with RDM especially on slaveRP. In addition, they get everything from coderhire/scriptfodder with terrible admins and staffing policies.

What did you expect from “SlaveRP”?

Was admin a while ago on this sandbox server, it started out ok until the owner started promoting random minges to admin. The rules he had were such shit he said he didnt care if his terrible admins duped other peoples stuff, After all of this i spoke out against his hypocrisy in regards to one of his rules and he demoted me just because i was right. Sparky’s Build to Kill is one of the worst servers i have ever been on.