Worst issue of this game

When I join any server I am able to run around for about 5-20 seconds before getting disconnected with the error ‘Disconnected: Unresponsive’. During this time I can see people typing in the chat and I can also type, but I can’t see replies due to disconnecting.

I checked the whole internet there and it has to do with the Internet Service Providers in australia IINET company and Turkey i use Superonline and who has this issue also use Superonline. But i have a friend who can play and he use superonline to

There is only 1 fix for this problem but i don’t have the material for that. You must have WIFI for playing Rust otherwise you can’t able to play it. So you can buy a WIFI connection or you can delete this game appreantly. you have only to choise . Facepunch can you help me???

I don’t see how running on a wireless network rather then running on Ethernet would change anything. If anything it should be the other way round to be honest. Ethernet has always been faster and more reliable.

I don’t see how a problem with your local ISP is a problem with the game. Sounds more like a problem with…your ISP.

Can you try to open the rust default ports to the computer?
Beacouse as what ive read you receive the info but your client doesnt send anything.
It may also be your firewall. Have you tried allowing rust in there too?