Worst Loading Time Ever!

Okay people, i was joining my server and it took me more than 20 mins to load to server. So i wanna know what was your longest loading time ever?

Don’t Lie -.-

10 minutes, 5 for preparing gmod and 5 for the loading screen.

Oh my god the op is such a bad poster, 5 minutes anyways, suck my 5mb/s

i run on a 8gb computer but that was my longest one ever!

Are you stupid.

I run on a 600gb computer so it only take me 1/10th of a second!

My computer has 1.5TB, herp

I have a 6 core cpu at the moment, the most ammount of time I have waited is 13 seconds. (for it to launch)

On garrysmod com :
Slowest loadtime (last day) 104 days .


With addons installed, it takes a good 20 minutes to fire up garry’s mod. From there it’s instant to join any server. :buddy:

first time going onto a server which had alot to download…
took about 20-25 minutes then getting a message saying “missing downtown v2” or something like that.

Takes about 1-2 minutes to get to the menu, then atleast 20 to join any game as it generally gets stuck loading.

loading garrysmod only takes less than a minute,
on average 6-8 minutes to load a map.

is it just addons that make it take so long?

I think the most it ever took me to join a Fresh server with all the needed Files already downloaded is 10 minutes.
Although the computer I am currently using is a Bit crap, It doesn’t seem to be the cause of any long loading.

about an hour. downloading 1000 files sucks pretty much with a bandwith of about 500 KByte/s(not bits) while trying to use skype

Dunno, but I managed to play some rounds of Call Of Duty and eat dinner.

Mines Half a TB. Longest one was ugh… 10minutes? But that’s with like … 20 addons. Just to top that I get a Snapshot Overflow at the end. … Garrysmod hates me.

The worst loading time I have had was about 7 or 10 minutes. This was with about 2.5GB worth of addons, or was it more/less? Ah, well. I’m more careful with my Gmod folders now. :slight_smile: