Worst map: Competition

Here are the rules:
6 mappers only, enter below
a challenge for all great mappers, make a map which looks as awful as possible, make the game play as annoying and awful as possible.
the more detail the better.
no racism, pornography ect… you know how it goes
MUST have lighting

I’m really curious what the outcomes will be! GOOD LUCK!

Entries close 14th of March

Contestants are:
The freeman

competition is full! sorry guys no more people can join!

You win.

Sorry, just had to say that. Sounds interesting.

There’s going to be a lot of winners.

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I guess I’ll join… it shouldn’t be that hard to make a horrible map


yeah but its different when awesome mappers try to make something so awful that their habits that they use in their good maps will keep coming at them, remember its not just all about making a horrible map, it making a horrible map with style

How about that Cloverfield map? :smiley:

Give that man a medal.

Heres my map,took me a long time.


Umm… I don’t know what to say to this… :v:

I’m doing this


Just a WIP for now, I’ve got good feelings about this one

I smell fullbright!

fullbright is silly if you’re trying to make a truly bad map. Why not:
-Use screwed-up angles, like 90?
-Use no light_environment at all, just a single, light entity in one corner of the map, colored flourescent purple?

I’m totally up for this challenge.

Note: You probably won’t want to play my map if you hate flashing lights or know you get seizures from that kind of stuff…


Add me to your contest.

i would join if i had hammer on this computer…


Sign me up !

Time to func_detail the living shit out of everything, spam the world with random blocks and bask in the heavily oversaturated lights!

It will look like the homeworld of the brainless mingebags. If somebody is to win.