Worst Maps

Post Your least fav map.

All downtown maps.

carcon. overused on Sandbox as downtown is on RP

Downtown itself isn’t necessarily a terrible map but the various iterations of it past v2 are, they’re just out of place. Why someone would add a beach when the map is clearly meant for an inner city setting is beyond me, if you’re really after a bigger scale map then just use evocity or something.


I’ve had many FPS issues with most Downtown maps as they’re optimization is zilch.

all roleplaying maps

I personally hate all these minecraft ttt maps. They have literally no optimization.

I think a lot of that comes down to how Garry’s Mod is a resource whore to begin with. If you check out a map in singleplayer you’ll generally find the FPS is a hell of a lot better than what you’ll find on a multiplayer server, hence why a brand new PC still ends up dropping down to 30-40FPS on a DarkRP server despite being able to max out games like BF1.

For some reason I dislike mobenix, but only on sandbox. It’s seems stuffed full of things normal sandbox players would never use. Sure, fun for a bit. But in the end, it’s just more compile time for the mapper.

RP maps make pretty good backdrops for machinimas and things.

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also, gm_construct used to suck back in the day

i’m glad it’s been expanded since then but

Night maps, they make me tense.

Paralake city, it’s lag af even with a pretty good pc

At this point I don’t know if the person responsible should be be congratulated or punished.

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