Worst Minge Youve Ever Seen


I’m pro minge

As a super admin, I have seen plenty of minges. I’m usually willing to give people a second chance (but if they spam, its a permaban).
Now, the worst one I have seen yet…I was not in the server at the time, but one of the respected users in there asked me to come in immediately to deal with someone who had started smashing peoples stuff. Soon after he got some smart words from the people in there, he began mic screaming and spamming loads of those canal bridges. It took ages to join, but the server managed to hold, even on GM_Bigcity with dozens of bridges spammed in the 3D skybox. I got over the initial lag and promptly permabanned him. Everyone was so grateful as I removed all the bridges, but it was close. There could have been a crash at any time.

Boy, do I hate spammmers…

And sorry if I didn’t post this in the format you requested, I’m a bit tired right now.

Speedhacker on a ferreta server

Some people thought he was fred…

Oh jeez, I’ve been on many servers where a minge has joined then spams all over, and I loose what ever it is I’ve been working on.

I got a minge from hell.
Steam Name: [CA]Iamzeengineer
Minge Name: (It was an rp name) EAHAAHAHAHAJHhuh, You Forgot me

Story: I was playing on a build a server running with DARK Rp around probably 3 months ago. All of the sudden a guy comes on as EAHAAHAHAHAJHhuh. He starts spamming rope all over the server while screaming into his microphone " IM A GHOOPY GOOBER! IM A GHOOFY GHOHBER!". We are all yelling at him to stop when he is banned. 10 minutes later another guy comes on named “You forgot me”. Same thng happens. HE is spamming rope while screaming “IM A GOOFY GOOBER” over an over. They ban him again. This process repeats until the admin just quit. 5 minutes after he quit, the server crashed.

Outcome: Server Crashed

Wow that sucks :[


Steam name:rabid30
Minge name:(dont remeber name)
Story: ive only been on a cuple survers before but ive seen a minge or two. So this was my first time going online in gmod so i just picked a random server on construct. and the moment i get in the game every ones a minge. you try and build some thing 3 guys come over and rip apart your stuff and kill you with it. this goes on for like 15-20 minutes then some minge gets the idea that it would be funny to spawn camp every one with like 400 turrets. some of the players actuly tryed to fight back by placeing a contaner in front of the spawn the turret minge took it out and killed us. by then i quit.

Steam name: ???
Minge name: Chinatown (Baby Jesus)
Cool story: he joined and hacked my Favorite Rp server he colored the sky spawned laggy entity’s on the spawn and spammed trains i knew his name was chinatown and i tryed telling every everyone but they were like NO ITS NOT, CHINATOWN IS PROPERLY RPING and im like omfg and i told the owner and he belived me and then banned chinatown (perma) then he somehow got back in after the server crashed with the name baby jesus, same thing,noone belived it was baby jesus (he was using speedhacks this time) who was chinatown exept me, i told the owner again and he perma banned him again and he was gone for good and im like I TOLD YOUUUU and der liek SRRY LUL -_-


holy sht im in the [CA] i guarantee u MOSTLY everyone in [CA] is not a minge

It wasnt on a [CA] server.

Name on steam: Can’t remember, unfortunatly.

Server Name: Dweet’s Sandbox Server

Prompt Chosen: 2

Story: I was playing with my friends on my Sandbox server, when this guy joined. When he connected, he starting spamming “LEMME BE ADMIN LEMME BE ADMIN LEMME BE ADMIN” and when he didn’t get his wish, he spammed watertowers all over our Contraptions. I kicked him, and then 2 seconds later he re-connects, doing the exact same thing as before. This process repeated about 3 times before I perma’d him.

Outcome: Permabanned the minge.

it doesnt need to be, mabey he just join the CA even tho he was a minge like, if u want to join the CA u just have to say something like I will obey the almighty dark lord caboose and a bunch of other stuff and admin tells you to say, so pretty much anyone can join

idk the first 3 as this was a while ago

But I was on a rp server with a high prop limit and this guy said " If I don’t get promoted to officer, I will minge the shit out of you all. The server people didn’t comply, so he connected 30 shipping crates together and was killing everyone. No one admin was on and the server was full, so I just left. I heard he got permad though

I thought akigawa was unbannable lol? But I was joining this gamemode called concrete carnage and this guy I MURDER MURDERS comes up and keeps rdming me as a super admin.

Everyone is always talking about illiterate minges, but the worst one I have ever seen, matter a fact, was one that knew how to spell. The situation went down like this:

Map: gm_flatgrass

Server: (I believe it was) Riko’s Damn those robbers RP. (really good, 50 slot.)

I was trying to build a plane made completely out of plastic spawnitems. I was half way through when, of course, a dumpster comes down on my plane (It was going to be a ride you pay for). I try a different approach rather than anger toward the minge.

Me: Hey man can you take that off please? Ill give you a free ride.
Him: Delete it.
Me: What?
Him: I said del it.
Me: Why?
Him: Cuz I said so!
Me: Well what if I don’t?
Him: Ill kill you.
Me: Congratulations.
Him: I will.
Me: Try to.
*he tries to ram me with the dumpster, which turned out unsucessful because prop killing wasn’t possible. But he didnt realize when he lifted up the dumpster, I duped my plane so far.
Him: No response
Me: So wanna try that again?
Him: Trys to trick me by SPAWNING a money model and says: This is 5000 dollars. Ill give you this if you delete your plane.
Me: I deleted my plane so far and walked away
Me: Respawns the plane with Adv_dupe, aims the planes turret at the minge, and fires. After so, I wired the plane to automatically kill him. The admin knew me and trusted me, so he let me continue.
Him: After about 1 minute, he starts to pm me “stop. please stop i want to play im sorry please no stop iot man please man no man please”.

Eh, not really the worst, but one of the funnier ones.

Sigh… imagine garrysmod with no minges at all…
Like a perfect world…

Apparently I can shoot through walls

Am I a pro minge or what?

:ohdear: I’ve over used it but it must be done. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAOxY_nHdew
The minge wasent in [CA] nor was it on a server that was run by [CA]. Your spelling is bad and you have a very long sentance. Are you sure your in [CA]?

All CA members seem to have horrible grammar.

Where was my bad grammer then?

They also have terrible server security.


Were you around when your entire community got nimped, benit?