Worst player you played with in Garry's Mod

I haven’t see one and I don’t have Garrys Mod yet but Im kinda advance at it you can tell us the worst player you played with or found
in Garry’s Mod

You can post pictures and reply to each other if you want to say something about the player well enjoy
talking about the worst player you found! :quagmire:

I don’t remember specific players, but a good chunk of Gmod players are assholes

I once played with some weird asshole called ‘garry :D’ he’s a real dickhead. He made me get a stupid achievement too. He is just awful. (This was in GM12 I don’t know if he has Garry’s Mod anymore.)

[SC] Snorlax Jenkins. Killed me with a prop in sandbox -.-

Probably one of the million squeakers, trolls, or minges that I deal with on a daily basis. Particularly fond memories of a guy who claimed his cat was the one doing the RDMing.

-insert all the darkrp players here-

Okay, but in all seriousness, I have a list that’s too damn long to post.

Worst player in gmod?
OP. In all seriousness though this is, to be nice, a “pretty dumb thread”.

I was going to compare this to the worst gmod community thread and how that makes sense and this doesnt, but now that i think about it, they both are just there for people to blow off steam and show butthurtness.
So instead im going to just say this. Both are stupid since they essentially insinuate flaming, rage, hate, etc. This is just even more direct.
Its all nice and fun when people joke about it (as the above replies), or even simply a generalization of the worst types of people playing gmod. However directlly pointing at someone as being the “worst” is just going to lead to problems (and lets face it, morality wise, its wrong… but its the internet. Still. Shitposting wont do anyone good).

Venting gets rid of stress, you’re acting like we can’t vent our opinions on people we dislike.

Its true my cat is a fucking asshole